Fukuichi's special

Varieties of dishes lovingly and skillfully prepared to maximize the flavors of the ingredients

Gunma is a treasure-trove of great food nurtured by magnificent mountains and beautiful clear waters. Every dish is lovingly prepared by "listening to the voice of the delicious ingredients," to judge when the flavor is at its best. Pamper your palate with the harmony of flavors only available at Fukuichi.

Pursuing possibilities of new-style cuisine

In order to elevate guest satisfaction, we, at Fukuichi, periodically hold new-dish sampling meetings for our staff in order to continue pursuing new flavors. Please enjoy our special multi-course dinner prepared with a focus on flavors and ingredients as well as a beautiful presentation.

concentrate on local products

We carefully select ingredients, including Gunma-produced fresh vegetables and Joshu Mochi-buta brand pork.

  • Ingredients are subject to change depending on the season.

Our Choice of Rice

We use Niigata-produced Koshihikari rice and other varieties of rice specially chosen by our Head Chef.
Dinner includes flavored rice cooked with seasonal ingredients, and breakfast comes with freshly cooked white rice.


Selected seasonal dishes
Japanese Multi-course Dinner


Breakfast Buffet
At the dining with a view

Dining halls

There are a variety of dining halls that await to cater to your needs,
from a luxurious dining hall with private rooms to a high-end traditional Japanese dining hall.



The booking line is open from 8am until 9pm.


5-4, Koto, Ikaho, Ikaho-machi, Shibukawa, Gunma 377-0102

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