Dining halls

We offer a variety of dining halls that cater to your needs.

Dining hall with private rooms "Shunraku"

Dine in the comfort of your own private room in this refined, modern-style dining hall

Enjoy your meal in an intimate private dining room at Shunraku, with the comfortable background music of jazz in the evening and classical music in the morning.
All rooms have tables and chairs.
Please have a fun time in pleasant company.
(occupancy: 4 people)

Japanese-style Tatami-seating Wa Dining

Japanese-style Tatami-seating Wa Dining provides a cozy space for relaxed dining on tatami mats which make you feel at home.

The Japanese-themed tables and chairs are at an optimal height for guests to sit comfortably. Please help yourself to a beverage, such as oolong tea, at the soft drinks corner.

Dining hall with Hori-gotatsu, table-seating style and enjoys traditional Tatami while you take off your shoes to get each rooms

Savor your meals over pleasant conversation in the private, relaxing and warm Japanese-style space.

The Hori-gotatsu, table seating allow guests to comfortably stretch their legs under the table.
All rooms have ample space, perfect for families with children or small groups.

High-end Traditional Japanese Dining Hall

Best for groups and occasions such as celebrations and anniversaries

This dining hall provides privacy with hori-gotatsu, table seating in distinctive Japanese interior with flower arrangements and décor of hanging scroll. The neat atmosphere provides matureness and perfect matches for celebrations and formal parties.



The booking line is open from 8am until 9pm.


5-4, Koto, Ikaho, Ikaho-machi, Shibukawa, Gunma 377-0102

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